Radio Presenter


106.9 NLive

Ruben Carol is a radio presenter at NLive 106.9 Northampton community radio, which is part of the University of Northampton.  He presents his show "Undiscovered Northampton" which covers topics about what is happening in and around Northampton, this includes interviews with government officials, local talent, charities and businesses.

Ruben, opening his show on 17/01/2019

Interview with Laura and Paige from The Happy You Project. Focusing on happiness in the workplace, mindfulness and mental wellbeing over all on September 2018


Interview With Justin Knepper

Speaking with Justin about LGBTQA in the work place and the challenges that people still have to unfairly face.  What does it mean to be an advocate and how, as an advocate, you can help fight discrimination.

Interview with Dave Beach

Dave recently lost both his legs in a road traffic accident.How difficult it is to stay positive and what he does to stay motivated and continue looking forward.

Interview with the Limbless Association 2018

Interview with Deborah Bent from the Limbless Association regarding upcoming events in 2018

Interview with Chief Constable Adderley

Listen to Ruben interview the Chief Constable about what Northamptonshire police are doing about budget cuts, crime and what the government is saying about police possibly becoming 'irrelevant'