Voice Over Samples

Reading Medicare Health insurance

This is a read of pages 15-18 of the American Medicare Health Insurance manual

Variety of Animated Voices

How many voices can Ruben do? Have a listen and find out!

Sample of intro to Lazy 99.5fm

This is a sample of what my calm 'lazy' voice is

Introducing 'Animal World'

This demonstrates the exciting side of introductions 

Funny Beer Advert for 'Duff'

You can picture Ruben sitting at the bar, whist filming this funny advert

Reading 'The Widemouth Frog'

Ruben reads the children's story of The Widemouth Frog

A sample of Ruben's 'cheesy' voice

This is a basic sample of Ruben's 'cheesy' American voice

Shattered Earth: Season One

Ruben performs the VO for a number of characters in the PodCast series.  You ca hear him as Dominic Peterson Sharp (7:29 to 10:56)  Eyewitness 3  (17:24 to 17:47) and Eyewitness 6 (20:58 to 21:06)

Ruben's Spanish VO Reel

Ruben is fluent in conversational Spanish, meaning technical translations may be difficult but can easily read as well as converse in Spanish.

Ruben's Southern Accent

This accent could be from Kentucky, Alabama or Louisiana even.